Tech Help

Need help with your faculty webpages?

Faculty webpages have been moved to new servers due to Microsoft discontinuing support for our server software. In order to make sure you have the same service and website as before, we had to move to a new way to access your webpages.


Did you know you can Google Moodle?

Since Moodle is free, open source and used by more than one million teachers around the world, there are plenty of people that might have the very same problems you have! Try and search for the answers you seek!


Do you have the latest Internet Browser?

Old versions of Internet Explorer are particularly known for not cooperating with modern web interfaces. Try downloading one of these browsers, and if you have any troubles, contact OIT.


Trying to watch a Video Online?

You may need to Update! These are links to plugins and downloads, that need to be updated regularly on your computer.

If you using a Mac you will not be able to view videos from the streaming server without downloading the plug in.


Can't open Word (.doc) or Power Point (.ppt) or PDF files?

It is very important to have the appropriate software in order to teach and learn. The most used file types are .doc which are Word documents, .ppt which are Power Point documents and PDF. Here’s a few links that allow you to use those types of documents.


Is your Windows updated?

To avoid compatibility issues, it is important to keep your Windows updated.