You Can Google Moodle Questions!!!


Moodle is a free online learning management system that was designed to aid on education with a focus on interaction and collaborative construction of content. The program is Open Source and that means that anyone can add or edit features to it. There is a huge community working to solve problems with Moodle and to create a better online learning experience. Check out the Moodle Community page at:

Google it

Since Moodle is free, open source and used by more than one million teachers around the world, there are plenty of people that might have the very same problems you have! Try and search for the answers you seek!

Moodle Help

We at OIT have constructed our own database of Moodle related guides! You can find guidesheets and video guides of pretty much everything you need in order to design your online course. Moodle Help


The Moodle Community page has forums where faculty from all over the world work together in order to build better online courses. You can find all sorts of information, not only at the Moodle Community page, but even if you google a Moodle related topic there is a great chance you will find what you need. Check out the Moodle Community forums on "using Moodle": Moodle Forum


Moodle Statistics

Registred sites 82,299
Countries 236
Courses 7,516,747
Users 70,729,295
Teachers 1,294,464
Enrolments 66,495,769
Forum posts 125,895,323
Resources 67,467,090
Quiz questions 182,907,058
*data taken from on 06/18/2013

Top 10 Countries by registrations

United States 13,810
Spain 7,198
Brazil 6,151
United Kingdom 4,390
Mexico 3,528
Germany 3,270
Colombia 2,527
Portugal 2,314
Australia 1,974
Italy 1,967