Faculty Webpage FAQ

Faculty webpages have been moved to new servers due to Microsoft discontinuing support for our server software. In order to make sure you have the same service and website as before, we had to move to a new way to access your webpages.

Can I run my classes from here?


Classes cannot be hosted from your faculty webpages. OIS is no longer available, so the services you were used to using in conjunction with your faculty webpages will no longer be available to you. Moodle is the only platform available to you on which to run your courses.

What is my new URL?

The new URL for your faculty webpages is very similar to the old URL. The only difference will be that the portion of the URL with your name on it will be changed to your Southeast Username.




Can I still use Frontpage or Sharepoint to edit my webpages?

Unfortunately, both Frontpage and Sharepoint will not be able to be used for editing your faculty webpages. You will need to use Microsoft Web Expressions 4, which can be downloaded from here.

If you are unfamiliar with using Web Expressions 4, you can view a video tutorial on how to use the software by clicking here, or you can view a PDF guide by clicking here.

To edit your webpages, you need to have your url in the following format:


No you do not have to put your user name at the end.

How can I protect my webpages from unauthorized access?

We have created a PDF guidesheet on how to protect your entire directory, or any specific subdirectory you choose. The guidesheet is available by clicking here, and you will also need to click here to download a companion file needed for locking your chosen folder(s).

Can I allow someone access to my folders who is not from Southeast?

SEKeys are required in order to have a faculty webpage folder, as well as to access any locked folders you may have in your directories. This means that any non-Southeast users will not be able to access your locked faculty webpages.