Summer 2013 iPad Academy

Welcome to the Academy

Have you heard how schools and some of your fellow faculty are using iPads in and out of the classroom? Are you ready and willing to use an iPad in your teaching and other faculty duties, but need assistance with getting started? Do you need an iPad? Apply for the OIT T&L iPad Inaugural Academy. Selected participants will receive an iPad (3rd generation) and classroom integration accessories, as well as experience an exciting 2 day workshop on August 14-15, 2013 that will prepare them to effectively integrate iPad into teaching and other faculty work. The OIT Teaching & Learning iPad Academy is limited to full-time Southeast faculty.

Application Proposal
Write a memo that states why you want to be a part of this Academy. Please address the following questions in your 500 words or less proposal:

• Why are you willing to make the time commitment to this academy?
• What are your experiences using new technology in teaching or research?
• What instructional goals or objectives do you hope to facilitate with the iPad? (Please include specific examples or scenarios specific to courses you are currently teaching or will be teaching next Fall.) They can be general or specific in nature.
• How do you envision the iPad assisting you in your research and/or service activities?
• How do you expect the iPad to increase your productivity?
• In what college do you teach? Feel free to add any additional information you feel is relevant to the decision making process.

Every effort will be made to ensure all Colleges are represented. Attach the proposal in an email to by May 10, 11:59 p.m.


What if you already have an iPad?

You can be a member of the OIT T&L iPad Academy, send a memo answering the same questions to by May 10, 11:59 p.m.. I am working to make it worth your while.

What the Academy will do

Goals for this First Project

Participants in the OIT T&L iPad Academy will

1. Learn to use the iPad
2. Practice and be inspired to teach with the iPad
3. Support and share with others, lessons learned from teaching and using the iPad


Participants in the OIT T&L iPad Academy will be expected to do the following:

• Fully participate in the 2-day OIT T&L iPad Academy workshop August 14-15, 2013.
• Develop a plan for integrating the iPad into at least one of their Fall 2013 courses and other faculty duties.
• Attend OIT T&L iPad Academy follow-up sessions (at least 2) during the Fall 2013.
• Regularly access and contribute to the OIT Tablet Central webpage.
• Be willing to share iPad integration experiences and ideas with the Southeast Community at a Take Away Friday session or other venues.

Upon completion of the OIT T&L iPad Academy, ownership of the iPad will be transferred to the faculty member’s home department.

Instructional Design

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